Utility Bills

Utility Bills

Providing you with a fast and accurate update of the property owner's payment track record to the utility service providers (Electricity, water/sewer) is achievable by Orchestrate's Utility Bills Search service. Also, supporting you to quickly overcome the liens on a property and its owner because of non-payment of dues to these utility service providers is achievable by the service. It helps you to attain a clear property title for the transaction swiftly.

Our Services

  • Detailed Reports

    Our team will prepare a detailed report consisting of information related to water / sewer, stormwater, fire taxes, trash bills and electricity bills. The report will identify if these accounts are in a good standing or if they have any outstanding balances.

  • Access Utility History

    We can also provide a ledger which will include all the utility related transactions and the utility billing history of the property.

  • Municipal Information

    We provide all the municipal information before closing the mortgage process so that both the buyer and the lender are familiar with the proceedings.

Why Choose Utility Bills Services At Orchestrate?

  • You will be provided with accurate and up-to-date information so that you can take decisions accordingly.

  • You will be given access to get the final reading of all the utility accounts in the property‚Äôs title before closing.

To swiftly clear your utilities overdue, contact us.