Policy Typing Service

Policy Typing Support

Obtaining a robust title insurance policy is simpler and faster with the support of Orchestrate’s Policy Typing Service. Our team helps you in typing the lender’s policy, owner’s policy, and also simultaneous. Our experts thoroughly verify all the documents and ensure they are according to the underwriting specifications. You are assured of accuracy in all the information gathered and the policy documents that are typed.

Our Services

  • Typing the lender’s policy, owner’s policy, and simultaneous.

  • We vet policy documents for a mortgage refinance, owner, and simultaneous.

  • You will receive reports on Conveyance, Tax Status, Encumbrance, and survey details.

Why Choose Policy Typing Services at Orchestrate?

  • Orchestrate has an experience of more than a decade in providing services to the mortgage industry.

  • The team is well-versed in all the procedures and paperwork involved starting from loan origination to settlement.

  • The experts have a keen eye for detail and spot missing information and papers, including tracking trailing and supporting documents quickly.

  • We are equipped with the right knowledge of requirements for purchasing title insurance.

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