Title Search & Abstracting Services

Title Search

You can fast track your title search requirements by outsourcing it to Orchestrate. We provide you with end-to-end title search support nationwide. Our team, supported by the latest technology, delivers you flawless reports at quick turnaround times. While our Title Search and Abstracting Services are comprehensive, it can also be customized to suit your needs. We help quickly achieve clear titles to accelerate your further processes.

Our Search Products Include

  • Current Owner Search

  • Two Owner Search

  • Full Search

  • Limited Search

  • 10-year/30-year/60-year Search

  • Update/ Bring Down/ Date Down Search

  • Foreclosure Search

  • Lien Searches – Municipal, Judgement, Environmental, and Utilities

  • Documentation & Reports – Vesting, Ownership, Encumbrance, and retrieval of documents

Our Search Packages Contains

  • Appraiser Report

  • Tax Statement

  • Deeds

  • Mortgages/Assignments/Subordination/Modifications/Affidavits

  • Probate/Divorce/Will/Death Certificates

  • Judgments, Dockets, & Liens

  • Lease Documents

  • Easements/Right of Way/Restrictions

  • Maps – Plat, GIS, Assessor, & Tax

  • Subdivision Plans

Why Choose Title Search and Abstracting Services at Orchestrate?

  • Our examiners have access to review property documents, trailing documents, and all other relevant records nationwide.

  • Orchestrate's title experts are well-versed at extracting information from the public records office, online data sources, and title plant databases quickly.

  • Employing the services of ground abstractors wherever necessary.

  • Aided by our latest applications and modern platforms, we provide 99.9% accurate data and adhere to your timelines.

  • Suggesting resolutions to achieve clear titles swiftly.

  • Full-fledged services can be tailor-made to your requirements.

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