Title Indexing & Data Extraction

Indexing and data extraction

Orchestrate’s Title Indexing and Data Extraction services can help you effectively store, track, and utilize property documents required for title search service with ease, starting from mortgage origination to closing processes. Our team will work closely with your organization to identify your requirements and help develop an indexing strategy that enables you to quickly locate properties. We have access to advanced technology that helps in digitizing and tracking the documents.

Our Services

  • Forms Processing

    We digitize the documents like 1003, W-2 forms, credit evaluation reports, etc. Our robust management system eliminates discrepancies and ensures adherence to regulatory compliances.

  • Document Indexing & Naming

    To maintain top-notch accuracy in indexing strategy, we follow naming conventions like credit status, service status, property information, mortgage approval status, and customer name.

  • Automated OCR & Data Capture

    We use cutting-edge technology like Optical Character Recognition (OCR). It captures the data from the scanned documents that reduces manual intervention.

  • Document Summary Generation

    Our team will prepare a summary report of your mortgage portfolios. This will speed up the mortgage closing process and enable you to take informed decisions.

Why Choose Title Indexing and Data Extraction Services At Orchestrate?

  • Our services will enable you to focus on core business functions while maintaining complete data security for all your confidential documents.

  • Delivering turnkey solutions according to your needs with quick turnaround times.

  • You can rest assured that we will deliver complete, consistent, clear, and accurate reports.

  • We leverage our extensive experience in the title search industry and integrate it with best practices to handle all your title indexing needs.

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